Rent Private Jet Advantages and Disadvantages

2007-03-08 10:33:40

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With the increasing security issues at airports, it gets even harder to catch commercial flights on time. Additional security measures make it even more inconvenient and time consuming to fly in commercial passenger planes. One way to minimize time spent at the airport is by renting a private jet.

Advantages of private jet rentals

Time is of the essence, especially if you are a businessman or a top corporate executive. If you are on a tight schedule and you want to take control of your itinerary, then private jet rental is for you. Long queues and other inconvenient security checks are minimized when you rent private jet. Thus, you can use the time you saved from renting a private jet to close important business deals or spend more time with your family.

Another benefit of renting private jets is the privacy that they offer. You can spend intimate moments with your loved ones or even freely discuss important and confidential matters with your colleagues or business partners in a private jet. Moreover, when you are traveling with your children, you can be at ease knowing that even if they cry, play or run around the jet, no other passengers will be disturbed.

You are ensured of utmost comfort when you rent private jet. You will have comfortable seating and sleeping arrangement throughout the trip. It is common to have a full staff at your disposal when you rent private jet. Thus, you are ensured that someone will take care of your needs and help you enjoy your flight.

Lastly, renting a private jet for business trips will help in boosting the morale of your sales staff and employees. They will be more motivated to succeed because you made them feel that they are important to you and to your business.

Disadvantages renting a private jet

Cost is the main disadvantage of private jet rentals. Private jet flights are very expensive. Thus, not everybody could afford such deals.

For rent private jets are not as easily accessible as private commercial planes. Thus, you might need to book a private flight days or even weeks in advance, especially during peak seasons.

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