Sun Fire V20z Server

2009-02-03 10:42:37

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With the economic challenges we face today, it is critical to be wise in making business decisions that will realize the success of a company/organization. Not only should you look for ways to cut on costs of the business operations but also be wise on spending your investments.

It is also important to make use of reliable servers that will act as a data center of the business. This is where used servers come in handy, used Sun equipment in particular.

There are a lot of companies reselling used Sun equipment these days. The best way to scout for one is by searching the Internet. These used Sun equipment brands include the Sun Blade server and Sun Fire server, to name a few.

One specific Sun server is the Sun Fire v20z server, which promises high CPU density. Although this equipment has reached its end-of-life and is no longer available for order, there are still limited stocks available at certain outlets. Resellers of the server are assuring buyers that their product is of the highest quality and these are tested and guaranteed

This used Sun server is still highly regarded for its scalability and performance. The Sun Fire v20z server supports 2 dual-core or single core processors and helps you save on energy even when used at its maximum level. It is capable of running both on 32-bit and 64-bit applications including multiple operating systems such as the Solaris Operating System, 32-bit and 64-bit Red Hat Linux, 64-bit SUSE Linux, Microsoft Windows, and VMware.

For entry-level businesses, you should not miss Sun Fire v210 server. Just like the Sun Fire v20z server, this equipment has reached its end-of-life but resellers are assuring a product that has passed their quality standards and guaranteeing that the equipment is on top of its game. The Sun Fire v210 server automatically recovers failed systems. It greatly improves network performance with its pre-installed Operating System. And its space-saving feature optimizes the performance of the server.

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