Major Cities of the Texas Great Plains

2008-06-09 14:26:03

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The Great Plains in Texas

Sprawling across central and southern Texas is the Texas Great Plains area, with mostly prairie and some rolling hills. The weather is quite arid especially in the summer, but it's contrasted by the bitterly cold winter winds.

The Texas Great Plains cuts across six major cities of the state, each with its own brand of culture and entertainment value for tourists and residents alike.

Austin, the Greenest City

The capital of Texas, Austin was also hailed as the best place to live because of its great environment and distinctive mix of people coming from contrasting backgrounds.

Austin has large sites of major technological corporations, thus it is also called the Silicon Hills.

Yet it is also known as the Live Music Capital because of its many talented musicians and the numerous musical events it holds. Nightlife in the city is most vibrant especially during musical events.

Historic San Angelo

San Angelo is located at the intersection of the North and South Concho River.
Austin also has several museums with different themes, such as art and history. It also has a rescue zoo which provides safe haven for neglected or mistreated animals.

Fort Concho in San Angelo is a national historic landmark, because it was the headquarters of the famous 10th Cavalry. The Fort holds Christmas festivals annually.

Midland, the Tall City

Midland was the midway point between El Paso and Fort Worth along the railroad route. It is the hometown of our country's First Couple.

Midland is noted for its large oil deposits, which supply a fifth of the nation's oil supply.

It also has different types of museums, including one that features the city's petroleum industry and another which features remains of a prehistoric human. There is also an aviation museum featuring warplanes and other WWII artifacts.

Odessa, a City of Contrasts

This is another city along the Texas Great Plains that features musical events. Odessa also has a unique presidential museum that features not only the US presidents but also the presidents of Texas when it used to be an independent republic.

Lubbock, the Hub City

Lubbock is the number one cotton producer in the world. It is the birthplace of many famous rock and country musicians.

Lubbock also hosts the annual cowboy events, presenting aspects of cowboy culture, and has a museum about ranching.

An amusement park that houses over one hundred windmills as well as a golf course.

The Ranches and Canyons of Amarillo

Amarillo has many natural attractions in the form of canyons and state parks, and has the nation's second largest canyon system.

Several interesting museums feature unusual items such as half-buried painted Cadillacs, mock traffic signs, and prehistoric flint resources.

Getting Around the Texas Great Plains

There are many more attractions at your disposal in each city of the Texas Great Plains area. You can read more about each city in various sites so that you can make the most of your stay.

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